My co-op experience at Scotiabank

One of the main reasons I joined the Ted Rogers Co-op program was to discover my passions and explore potential career paths. When I started my first internship at Scotiabank in September 2020, I began dedicating time each week to networking and exploring different parts of the bank in order to fulfill this goal. During one of my many coffee chats, I was introduced to the bank’s Global Sponsorship team, and from that moment I knew where I wanted to be. 

Flash forward to this January, and I’m starting my dream role supporting the bank’s Hockey Sponsorship portfolio. I knew it was my last work term and I had to put it all on the table. From day one, I left no stone unturned and pitched every idea I had, no matter how small. In week three of my placement, I got to put my first idea into action; not only that, but I got to have my idea featured on a nationally broadcasted event. 

To give some context, Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada is a day-long event and broadcast that took place this year in Scarborough. To support Scotiabank’s efforts to make hockey more inclusive for everyone, we used the literal barriers – the rinkboards – as a way to break down barriers in hockey. We asked Canadians to share their messages of inclusion and turned those into rinkboards to be featured in the broadcast. The majority of the work and planning had been done before my term started, so there wasn’t too much room to contribute. That being said, I noticed a gap we were not covering – how can we get the people on-site involved?

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I suggested we include a blank rinkboard for people to share their own messages and take part in the campaign. My team was incredibly supportive and had me pitch it myself to our director, who was in full support and excited to see me getting involved. My addition to the event may not have been revolutionary, but seeing my idea turn into reality gave me a new perspective on what my hard work goes toward, beyond just a KPI. I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities and it made me want to leave my mark that much more. 

Since then, I’ve continued to make the most of every day in this role. As the intern, I’ve had the unique opportunity to support all aspects of our portfolio, from managing major sponsorships to supporting grassroots initiatives. I’ve had the chance to work with huge partners, including MLSE and the NHL, as well as manage relationships with various agencies, including MKTG and Rethink. At the same time, I’ve been able to help bring to life community events, such as Girls HockeyFest and Hockey Day. I continue to put my hand up to own and lead projects, leaving my mark on as much as I can before I graduate this spring.  

It took me four work terms to discover my full potential, gain confidence in my abilities and eliminate the concept of “stupid ideas” from my vocabulary. This is not something that happens overnight and I still have a long way to go, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore and develop my skills before embarking on my career.